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Something Different - Kaelen the Kelpie and Dog Training

I've had enough of my overwhelmingly diffifult issues for the time being, (particularly food, and life, and my stomach, and throwing up) so I am going to blog about something worthwhile, because I cannot handle any more of this nonsense, and I need a break. It's not even like I have been blogging about it, but the last few days have been pretty hairy. So now to Dog training!

Skip ahead, if you like, but maybe, just maybe... some of you doggy owners may find this interesting.

So, as some of you know, before I got sick I had planned, in advance, one of the most exciting things for me as a dog owner! That is, the purchase and training of my first 'official' working dog. I have always dreamed of owning and having trained a working dog (not another pet) of some kind - in this case I have chosen the field of livestock work simply because the need is  here at our property for a dog that works stock. What I am really excited about are the fundamentals that go into the training of this dog. I have plotted and planned for months, (years now, really) my course of action regarding methods and desired outcome - so I am already set up for success!

Now comes the exciting part, that time my plan takes action. I have, since planning, picked and purchased this future dog of my choice (with a great deal of care and thought) and am well on the way to beginning to acheive some of the goals in mind for the end resulting dog. Over the next few months, I will be making progress reports for my own record, as well as information/tips on my training methods, theories and observations. This may be tedious to some, however I am sure helpful to perhaps some google browsers.

What to look for on here in future posts on dog training:

.Information regarding the purchase and selection of the working dog
.Information on puppy rearing techniques, the theories and observations I make and discover as I begin and continue the various stages of training
.Progress reports, observational reports, theories and experiences of my own working Kelpie as he progresses through the stages
.Training sessions and lessions, tips and advice
.Other information, experience, theories, observations and ideas as they happen and as I come across them
.Information for those interested in training dogs in the same manner/field.
.Hopefully training videos, it depends on the compatability of my phone..
. Photography of my boy with my real camera, not just phone snaps!

Now it is time for me to introduce my working dog. I will begin at his current age/development stage, but will backtrack to include early puppyhood stages as a part of the development process and progress reports.

Introducing.... My Boy,


"Kaelen" (the origin of the name is Gaelic) means: "Strong, faithful, loyal warrior"

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Pedigree: View sire: "Karmala Neon" - (
This pup was well chosen (much thought went into picking for known lineage) and has lines on his father's side that are reknown casters and brilliant eye dogs. The looks on dad's side are absolutely gorgeous, incredible agile workers and I especially love the tanpoint expressions. Not that markings or looks are everything, but they certainly help. The working bitches on this side of the family carry a lovely, consistant form I already see expressed in Kaele. I have also researched the pedigreed colours on this side of his pedigree and happily discovered many 'rare' chocolate and blue colour carrying dogs.
As for the dad's working ability, I have seen videos of Neon and heard excellent reports as to his speed, agility,grace, and incredible, wide and fast casting technique. I am excited to see if his son carries this naturally flowing herding method.
On his dam's side, I only know of the dam herself. She is very beautiful, slender and elegant in form - and although small, carries herself well. From what I have also learnt she has a veautiful temperament and is a good natured worker. The sire is what gets me, though.

Gender: male, intact.

Age: D.O.B: 01/11/12. (That makes him 5 months old now.)

Colour: Blue & Tan (unless it fades.) Was born a dilute shade of born blue & tan, although there is the possibility he  may actually be a dilute chocolate blue, (also called 'blue fawn' - this would mean he may end up a sandy colour) as he has some slight chocolate colouration formation/sabling.

Description:  Blue with Tan Points, a small amount of white spotting under chest and chin, chocolate mouth insides and faint mask on throat, diluted blue - no black pigment on body, eyes diluted green/yellow.
Coat medium length, nice tail brush, large, well set ears, good narkings. Lengthy body for age, slender but likely to solidify as ages - big paws, these were large at 12 weeks, as was his size.

Temperament: willing, eager, partially gentle, never agressive, but looking like he will become a dominant type nature. Responds well to control and obediance. Surprisingly not a one person nature at all, responds well to male and female handlers and different people.

So, that is a quick little summary on my boy - although I have a huge list of plans that I intend to write - as well as his first training sessions! (first officially beginning yesterday, he has begun leash training. This is pretty exciting news, really. Training has been occurring from day one however - especially during the socialisation/desensitisation transitionary age - so unofficially he already knows many basics.)

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