Monday, 17 June 2013

And Life Goes On.

Life goes on.  It has to.
Just like everyone else's, so does mine.  Some days, it seems as though it is endless, and frustrating, and tiring. I'm not being depressed here, not at all - rather just stating the facts of life.  Life is tiring.  Sometimes its not fair.  Some days its exhausting just living.  But night always comes, and with it, the end of that day. A day does not have to go on any longer than daylight.
Why?  Because night symbolises a new day. New beginnings.  A new opportunity to try again.  A fresh opportunity to make mistakes, sure - but at least we have been offered that opportunity.

It seems that some people, when faced with death, and live, learn to appreciate life more.  This is because they have come to the awareness that it could all change - and does - and everything we take for granted could be taken away.

This is something I am learning.  Things I once assumed were my rights, I am now learning to understand are priviledges.  This air we breath is one such of these.  There are so many things we (I) take for granted, and ultimately we must remember who is resonsible for the fact that we are even alive.  Need I say more?

Just a thought, to keep your mind spinning.  Don't forget to be grateful - all too often I do.  Its a note to me as much as anyone else, and I simply must clarify to suggest that we all learn to appreciate just how much God has done for us. The list is endless - but don't just clump it all in a 'thank you' bin, either.  Take some time to really appreciate - as will I - some of the many things we should be grateful for.

For me, I might as well list a few.

- I'm alive. Golly, I never thought I'd actually say 'yay', or 'thanks' about that one. Haha, and that's the truth.  Not that long ago, I would have much rather been elsewhere. Reminds me of a passage I read a few days ago, where Paul says how much he would love to be dead, and with God, but how his purpose was to serve the people and teach them. Hmm. I must be here for a reason.

- I don't have to control my life anymore! Dude, seriously, its not my problem!  I don't have to do anything except be responsible - the rest is in his hands. So, how come I never knew that before???!

- Fear does not have to rule my life! Woot, that's right.

- I can run again! Yep, believe me, that's something to be grateful for. And even if I couldn't, God is teaching me to be happy where I'm at. Not wanting what I cannot have - that means being happy if all I can eat all day is porridge, even when they are eating ice cream (but that's another story....).

And those are only a few.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not slap-happy about any of these. I mean them whole-heartedly. Less than two days ago I had the worst 'chucky' day I've had in weeks, and it certainly was nothing to be happy about.  But that's just it - God is showing me how to be satisfied in the midst of my citcumstances.  Thrilled, delighted, no. Hardly.  But satisfied - that means not wanting something else, and being able to trust that what He's doing must be good.
I've given up fighting and carrying on by now. Its easier just to go with it, eh?
The things we learn from toddlers.

So, I've decided I might blog a week of my current life, just for something interesting. Maybe I'll begin with tomorrow =P.

Life has no choice but to go on - its just a matter of whether you're in it.

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