Monday, 9 September 2013

Upcoming model repaints..

 Yes, this is the very same horse at the heading of the previous post. As I have clumped all photos of the past 4 weeks together, though, this one is more accurate of this model's current stage. Here this model is coated in 3 coats of grey base paint, and 4 coats of white... and he is also subject to a colour change... originally I intended to paint him dapple (hence white)... but I am thinking more that a rich, bright red and black bay will be more striking.

The same model in the last post, this one also is prepped and awaiting his first layer of colouration! Oh, the excitement... I still have not decided on a colour/range for this model, but I am thinking somewhere along the lines of a Chestnut/Palomino Quarter Horse type.

Again, the same model (as above) prepped and ready, other side view. From the original model, I kept only the mane hair, ditched the tail & forelock. I am debating removing this mane entirely, but for now it can stay. Painting around real hair isn't actually that easy.

Change of pace... as well as horses (which are by far the more popular model), I also collect and repaint dogs, of course, as they are my favourite species. This model is a Giant Schnauzer, probably going to be black or salt/pepper variety, realistic-looking.
Half painted here, undercoat visible.
On the subject of dogs... another miniature model. This one is really quite old, and has been collecting dust for some time. Originally felted, I repainted (without undercoat, I might add =/) this guy about 5 yrs ago. Now he is being undercoated and redone - realistically. Poor beggar.
- One of the 'raw' $1 horses I picked up recently. Still only the very first coat of colour, I intend this one to be a palomino of some kind - and likely a Quarter Horse or Stock Horse variety. Keep watching for this one.
One of my 'experiments', this dog (if it appears that way) was actually.... a goat. As its a miniature, I had a hard time shaping this one correctly, but it now (after much carving) takes the form of a Doberman Pinscher (in miniature) and will likely be painted as a Black and Tan (or correctly, with Red Rust points).
A cheap, sad looking, very bad anatomical little donkey model. Keep watching this one - I intend to make him a very adorable Welsh Mountain Pony.
There is hope for rubbish bin rescues....

Second side-view of Welshie to be. Don't let his horrible anatomy put you off - he will be adorable once completed.
I must say, the head is a bit offputting, however...

And, finally, another old repaint - covered in fluff. Ergh, poor thing. Yep, another repaint with no undercoat, and one I am not too proud of. Nevertheless, he shall be rescued, and may once again be a realistic canine.
Originally a Gordon Setter (as pictured here, before that he had a tail), I am not exactly sure what I will make him to be. Perhaps a Spaniel type would be more fitting.

First, to scrape of the fluff....

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