Monday, 9 September 2013

Model Horses.. Upcoming - Watch this Space

It seems I have finally come across something which I am actually really excited to be doing, something I am very good at, and something I certainly will be continuing.
Welcome the world of model repaints.
I have always, even as a young child, tried to repaint and customise model animals (especially horses) to the picture I had in mind. Unfortunately, taking to your plastic model horse with a black texta produces some interesting results. Thankfully, my skills have improved over the years and are now marketable. I love the real-life feel of these repaints once I have completed them, and the fun isn't just that - it's in the painting process, and creating the character of my life-like animal!

These models are upcoming repaints from my 'box' of repaint 'to-dos'. Sadly it is very empty, and needs to be filled!
< The above, also unfinished horse awaiting repaint. This original model was a cheap brand 'felted' type horse with fur mane + tail. Felted fur has been stripped, mane removed, and more detailed fixed. Horse is at primed/prepper stage, with 5 coats White acrylic paint to date.
It will be interesting to see what this one becomes - both in colour and breed....

A quality plastic model, this one rescued from the garbage without much mane or tail... looks to be a QH type body. This should be interesting...

- So far, this model has been based/prepped and is awaiting its first coat. I do like the original palomino colour, and may keep in that range.
A cheap plastic horse (of which I bought 2) for $1 each... they originally looked pretty basic, but I am very happy with the outcome of #1. (It will be posted soon.)
Large ears, though, a bit donkey-ish.
QH type build, perhaps ASH too.

Large model, another rubbish-bin rescue. Still new, felt isn't coming off as easily as I would like. This one may take some work...

Bin rescue #3.... well, number 3 this week. Rather sad looking, scractched and... tail-less model. Not sure what he will be when completed, or whether to keep the hair or to ditch....

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