Friday, 2 August 2013

Greeting Card Tutorial - "Hoot" Owl

Howdy. Or Hoot, or whatever you'd like him to say. Ain't he adorable?


And, of course, as my brain is the most creative brain I know (can't say I know a lot, but from my experience... mine tops the list) .... art and creativeness is always a thing of the today.
In fact, so much so that my mind hardly ever rests, makes sleeping impossible, and ordinary jobs just as difficult.

This adorable fellow was made quite a while ago now - during my worst 'sick' days about 4-5 months ago. Yep, those were crawl out of bed barely moving days. And this took a lot longer than it might now. But he was well and truly worth it.

Hoot Owl Greeting Card

You will need:

1 card (I used boring white)
Paper bag, brown
Cardboard, natural colours
2 Buttons
Wool/yarn, thick
Corrugated cardboard

Step 1: 

Cover card with brown paper cut out from thin paper bag. This isn't necessary, I just used it for the natural tone look it gave the finished card.

If doing this, make sure the brown paper is folded down on the inside and covered neatly with plain white paper, using glue.

Then select a range of colour schemes to use on your Owl and on the rest of the card. I used brown, cream and yellow tones.

Step 2:

Sketch out your owl. I designed mine simply by experimenting with paper shapes first. When you have decided on the shapes you need, cut out in the paper you will use. Also cut out exactly the same shapes in the cardboard - and then glue the paper onto the cardboard.
This makes the owl pop out a lot more.

I also really, really wanted the buttons as eyes for my owl - so I basically worked all my shapes around these.

Again, try to stick with natural colours.

Step 3: 

Once the owl outlines have been stuck (glued) together, as well as dried, stick (glue) onto card. What you should have is separate outlines which double up on top of one another. Don't add eyes yet.

Let glue dry....

Step 4: 

While waiting for the glue to dry, we can have a go at our 'Hoot' word. I did this simply by first seecting a round/rectangular bit of paper and gluing it onto cardboard, like the other shapes.

Once dried, I then took my pencil and wrote each letter for the word very faintly front side up.

Taking a large needle, thread with wool, and follow the outline of your pencilled words.
Once completed, tie off, and glue to card.

Step 5: 

Add finishing touches, glue on button eyes, and whalla!
A Hoot Owl Greeting Card!

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