Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kaelen the Kelpie - Crazy, superbly intelligent and just straight out loopy.

"Hullooooooo Mum!"

Yep. That's exaclty the impression, not to mention the silent greeting I am getting while staring directly at that face. Just. sit. still!  
As if. Kaelen, sitting still, is like, well, trying to make a jellyfish stand up... if you get my meaning.
It's in his bones, his whole purpose is honed in on bounce.
Reminds me of Tigger from Winnie The Pooh.

In fact, I swear his thought patterns are somewhat similar.

"Are you waiting for a cuddle? 'Cause if you are I can cuddle you but I am like, very busy, and right now I have just got to go find my ball because it is my ball and I love it... and well I love you too but please don't make me choose.. anywya goodbye I have to go get my ball!"

60 seconds later....

"Hullooooooooo Mum! Here I am again and I'm saying hullo - can't you see my tail - it's wagging, I love you so much, and I am so clever, 'cause I can say all this with a ball in my mouth right now, and could you please throw my ball oh please?"

... "Sure, K, sure. Only that requires you dropping it... So, Kaelen, drop the ball!

"Ball? What ball? Where? Did you find my ball? I am so clever, I know where all my balls are, I can go and get you one... wait there I'll be right back!"

And..... believe it or not... another 60 seconds later... The dog returns. Only this time clearly asking me to follow... all the while carrying the first ball in the mouth.

"Look, Mum, look! Here it is, you said 'ball', I have found the ball for you, now can I just say I love you so much so let me cuddle and kiss you, you really are a wonderful mummy so could you please throw my ball? I will even look at it so you can see where it is - so you don't lose it or forget. Please oh please mum!"

Ughhhh. Dilly dog. So clever he's bordering on canine autism. I am positive there is such a thing. But somedays, he's also the opposite of clever. Witty and duh at the same time....

Pick up the ball....

"Yes! At last you understand me, so now will you throw it pleeeeeeeease?"

Drops ball in mouth...

"Oh Mum! LOOK! Now I have TWO balls! This is so exciting! Ohhhhhhh please throw my ball now, throw it please! And watch me run and catch it, I'm so fast and clever, and again and again.."

Throw the ball. Speed. Lightning, perhaps? The ball is about to be snatched up, before it even descends, and not from behind either. Somehow that Kelpie has, as always, raced faster than the ball, and in time to set an ambush in falling ball's path.


Jaws, chomp, the prize has been returned to the Master.

Proudly returning to the scene, Kaelen brings his trophy home.

But, it just so happens his mum has an evil sense of humour, and likes to test out the intelligence of the canine. Oh, that and the fact that he won't relinquish his prize immediately.
So, 'mum' tries the tactic of a diversion - in the form of another tennis ball.

Fast, it's flying, whirling through the air. Speed. Flying faster.


The noise, movement and sight of the flying ball are enough to alert the advancing Kelpie to the outgoing object.


Run. Leap. It would be a snap, only for one thing. Jaws opened wide, ready to catch the prey.
But there's one small problem.
It's called a tennis ball.

The one in your mouth, stupid!

Apparently it doesn't matter.

Ball collides against ball, and both objects fall, down, away from the Master.
Dog, unsure which object to recapture, snaps up one as the other escapes, but before it has completed its roll, the second escapee is stopped suddenly - be the body of the Kelpie.

He may not have stuffed both ball sinside his mouth, but that dog sure knows how to get his prize back. Whatever it takes.

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