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Aidi - Dog Breed Profile - The Types

Not only does the Aidi come in a great variety of colours, but it also comes in a few varieties of type, as can be found in some, more common breeds today (even breeds such as the German Shepherd and Border Collie).
Because the Aidi is not an extremely well-known breed and has not been bred solely by breeders conforming to a standard, there is a much greater variety of types within the breed.

Particularly, to mention the two most common and greatly varied types - each very different to the other. As the breed incorporates both of these main 'types', neither is more or less Aidi than the other, but merely a form of the breed.

Type 1 -Lighter, smaller build
This Type of Aidi is distinctly lighter in build, and also in weight. In this type, feathering is distinct, but minimal, and dogs may be considered finer boned than some specimens of the breed. This breed is, however, ultimately considered a Molossus/guard type dog and is not to be classified among the herding breeds - therefore it is distinctly different in build, shape, size, and even weight. The external features such as amount of feathering can be considered similar to herding breeds in the distribution - as this type of Aidi, can, from a quick glance, appear as some type of Collie or herding breed, based merely on its appearance. It is to be noted, however, that even the finer type Aidi expresses mastiff type qualities.
Above: The head of type 1 Aidi. This Aidi clearly shows the finer head of the type, as well as minimal feathering around the face. This type does have a fair amount of feathering on the body in comparison with short haired dog breeds, but it is minimal in comparison to its cousin, the other Aidi type.
Even with minimal feathering on the above dog, it is still evident that the dog is of Molossus type, and has been bred from Mastiffs and larger guard-dog types. The smaller Aidi type still possesses the features of a mastiff type dog - large muzzle, broad head, solid build, and strong bones. 

It is assumed that the two main types are interbred, as the variety within the breed is great. Despite the regular crossing of the types, some isolated pockets of dogs breed to their types and a greater variety within the breed can be produced.
Some Aidis are also neither distinctly more on type than the other - and these are perhaps less localised dogs, with more variety in the genepool.

Type 2 -  Heavier, Mountain Dog build

This heavier built Aidi type is common within the breed and is particularly noticable with male specemins, which may be prone to appearing even larger and fuller in feather to females of this type. This type of Aidi is considerably different to the lighter, finer boned Aidi and resembles Mastiffs clearly - especially various breeds of Mountain Dogs (Such as the Great Pyrenees, and also the Anatolian Shepherd Dog - another guard dog breed used in Turkey).
This type of Aidi is also fairly common and is used for the same things as the other type - the only difference being in size and appearance. It is also to be noted that this type of Aidi has distinclty more feathering than the other type and often carries its plumed tail erect, curled over its body.

Above: A distinctly heavier type Aidi, characterised by typical Mastiff features - large, heavy body, solid, square muzzle, broad head, and large bones. This type is also distinclty feathered and carries its plumage well.
Above: While this Aidi doesn;t have the iconic plumage of the larger type Aidi, it is distinclty larger and broader both in the head and in the body than the other type, and is of the heavier type build. These dogs are also noticably bigger.
This Aidi shows the distinctly heavy build of the second type of Aidi. It is very solid and heavy, typical Mastiff-type features.
Aidi with typical plumage seen in this type - long, full, and flowing. The tail is extremely feathered and often curled above the back.

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