Sunday, 11 September 2011

Love - a quote.

For our family Bible study a couple of months ago we studied emotions. While the study itself was extremely interesting on its own, one very intruguing scripture verse appeared to jump off the page at me. Puzzling though it was, I determined to discover some more of the meaning behind it. And this is the half of the result, which was written at 11:30 later that night on the back page of my Bible. The verse which so inspired me, (the second half of verse 6)

"For Love is as strong as death, it's jealousy as unyeilding as the grave. It burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame."
Song of Solomon 8:6

The quote.

"And We ask, "What is love?"
Love is the act of sacrifice.
When one lays down their
own life for that of another.
The depths of this gift cannot
be understood until one
knows what it is to live.

"For God so loved the world
that He gave His one and only

Thus we must go and do likewise.

For we cannot love until we
know what it is to be loved,
nor can we truly lay down
our life until we understand
the meaning of sacrifice.

Love and sacrifice are one in
that Love is selfless.

Therefore Love is not a thing,
but rather a state of being.
It cannot be understood, nor
true love changed.
Love is."

~Anna G.~

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