Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The word eventually.....

Is such a fascinating, useful, and absolutely necessary word for procrastination. Not that people who procrastinate attempt to or not to, moreso that it (the word eventually) acts as a brilliant cover-up when something happens as to distract their attentions.
Procrastinating is the act of being completely distracted by something whilst in the pursuit of achieving something else. I.E. – you are trying to tidy up your room and this amazing book falls out of your bookshelf. Before you know it, the time’s completely gone and you are no further ahead in your tidiness, merely your book’s adventure. Do not forget, though, that the motives behind every attempt gone wrong are indeed originally focused around actually getting something done.
Is procrastination an art or a fault? Perhaps it is a combination of both, or of neither.
Mums also hate the word ‘eventually’. It’s best to use only when you have some idea of the fact that you will probably be distracted by something. Of course, you could be completely strict with yourself and not allow the enjoyment procrastination sometimes brings. All of the unexpected joys of procrastination are completely worth wile once you realise and get over the fact that the consequences could potentially mean being behind in every checklist. But, fear not, where would we be with completed checklists and nothing to do?!

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  1. I know what you mean AJ, as I have Chronic Procrastinitis!