Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Song - to the Lost

Down. On your face.
Not Falling, not rising.

for something Holy,
something more.
Nothing changes,
no storm, no wind
time means nothing.

What do you expect, O Child of Mine?
Are you waiting for a rush of wind?
A fire?
A storm?
Close your eyes, stop looking hard
Why do you believe I come from afar?
You listen.
Wait, O Child of Mine.
Do you know what you are waiting for?
Your heart is longing, yet you do not understand
Can you not trust Me with this?
Trust Me to know
To know why your heart aches
Believe in Me - 
stop pushing so hard.

You hear nothing.
Stop looking with your eyes
Stop hearing with those ears
You will find nothing.

What you search for,
O Child of Mine
Is deeper
Far deeper
Further than you know
Bigger than your dreams
Impossible, it is not.

You despair
Yet believe in this
The time will come
Has come
for this.
Your heart tells you so.

Put aside your world
all you know.
My Child, you were made for this
Did I not create you for Me?
Surely I put this within you
My Child.
Surely I made you for Me.

Reach in within you,
search your heart
It has already told you so.

Am I not God, and Father, and Creator?
You were created for Me.

Stop searching
Stop fighting
Know Me.
I am there.
I am within you.

Let it all fall away
O Child of Mine
let nothing more matter.
No more
Let it go.

Receive Me.

Breathe Me in -
I am yours.

Breathe in every part of Me.

Let Me restore You.

Let Me make You whole, My Child.

You are Mine
I Am Yours.

I Am Yours.

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